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My name is Al and I am a Photographer, Musician and a Teacher…

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The Uberbooth

We have all been to weddings where they cram you into a tiny little photobooth and give you teeny tiny grainy little photos for the bride and groom and for you to keep – well… Uberbooth has a little bit of a different take that we think is Uber-Cool!

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SO… you have just upgraded your relationship software from Boyfriend/Girlfriend 1.o to the fancy new Fiancee 1.o operating system… and now you are preparing yourselves for Spouse 1.0 – The best upgrade you will ever have! The process of Wedding 1.0 doesn’t need to be a pain, and my role is to help you make the day memorable!


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Family Portraits

If you are anything like me, then your family means the world to you… there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to make my kids’ world a more happy and vital environment… I take my passion for MY family into a shoot with YOURS and love seeing what can be captured in the faces of happy families. I love to head out on location to spaces where YOUR kids are in their element, or I can also come to YOU and shoot on my Portable Studio set… let me know what you are after! :)

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Your business deserves professional images to sell yourself… whether it be of your staff, product or events, quality photography makes a huge difference in how you present yourself to the world. Find out more…

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Your special day deserves someone that can help you record YOUR STORY and help the occasion be a whole bunch of fun! Our clients regularly report back on how much our relaxed nature and professionalism enabled their day to be memorable!

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Why Pick Me?
Why I think you should


  1. I have the underlying commitment to the fact that it is YOUR day and I seek to tell YOUR story!
  2. I like to have a lot of fun – I think that this is one of the biggest reasons why I get so many positive referrals and testimonials.
  3. I have a professional work ethic and seek to make sure that all aspects of your day are well planned, well communicated and all possible scenarios are covered in a professional manner.

There are many reasons why people choose a wedding photographer – I hope that the ability to share a part of your journey and creatively tell your story is top of the list as to why you would choose me to serve you on your major upgrade day!


are pretty sweet

Extra Bits


All the extra bits:

  • An extra photographer on your wedding day (from preparation until reception)
  • Bride AND GROOM Preparations
  • Ceremony
  • Family
  • Formals
  • Up until the first dance at the reception

You will receive:

  • An Engagement Shoot of up to 1 hour with 25 Digital Photos
  • Approx. 800 Digital Photos in Hi and Low Resolution
  • A DVD of the top 100 shots.
  • A flip-book of Prints of the top 100 shots.

Standard Bits


Just the usual bits:

  • Bride Preparations
  • Ceremony
  • Family
  • Formals
  • Around an hour of the reception

You will receive:

  • Approx. 600 Digital Photos in Hi and Low Resolution
  • A DVD of the top 100 shots.
  • A flip-book of Prints of the top 100 shots.

Basic Bits


Just the important bits:

  • Ceremony
  • Family
  • Formals

You will receive:

  • A Disc with up to 400 Digital Photos in High and Low Resolution
  • A DVD of the top 100 shots



Check out

Whitest Tama in the Roopu

A Solo exhibition held at Uxbridge Art Gallery in Howick, Auckland - It aims to tell the story of the changing way in which New Zealand has taken ownership of Maori Culture as a dominant player in our national identity.

Elements: Water

An exhibition that tells the story of water from the mountains, to the sea...


Coldplay was a pretty exciting gig to shoot!

Sarah and Omega

A stunning classic wedding in Central Auckland

James and Katrina

James and Katrina had a stunning and intimate wedding in Silverdale

Lindauer Farewell Photos

It was a real honour to take photos of this very special occasion - the first time these paintings by Gottfried Lindauer have left New Zealand to tour the world
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“Don’t let the best you have done so far, be the standard for the rest of your life…” 

as a team



2nd Shooter|Wife and Mother|Nurse

Christine studied photography at High School and often acts as second shooter with Al – she has a keen eye for details and loves to be around people.



Al is a bit of a jack of all trades… he dabbles in many different creative fields but his primary passions are photography and music. Finding ways to merge the two are always sources of excitement. Al is passionate about people and all things he seeks to do in life are geared toward helping people write a better story with their lives!

Breaking News: dude shares inane stuff with randoms

Breaking News: dude shares inane stuff with randoms

Al likes to tweet photos and workout results… You will be on the edge of your seat…





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